Board of Directors

Hani Al Zubair
Chairman & Founder

With strong ties on both a personal and business level, the Zubair Family have long held a deep-rooted love for Switzerland. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Hani would regularly travel to Switzerland throughout the year with his family and he looks forward to resuming that trend as soon as possible. One of the founder Members of OSFA, Hani was the Treasurer since its inception. Following the 2021 AGM he is proud to have been elected as Chairman.

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Luca Decarli
Vice-Chairman & Founder

Luca is one of the founder members of the Oman Switzerland Friendship Association and holds the role of Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Mohammed Al Kharusi

Mohammed Al Kharusi holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, USA. He is a Certified Risk Analyst (CRA) from the American Academy of Financial Management and a Certified Investment Consultant from Citibank Certification Program. He completed his Baccalaureate Degree in Management Information System/Business Management from Maryville University, USA.

Dr. Anka Kaestner
Board Member

Dr. Anka Kästner has been closely tied to Oman for many years. She travels regularly throughout the country and maintains longstanding, trusting friendships with Omanis in all part of the country.

Khalid Said Al Wahaibi
Board Member

Khalid Al Wahaibi is the Managing Director of the Assarain Enterprise LLC, one of the premier trading and investment organizations within the nation. As with any industry leader, quality continues to be the hallmark of the Assarain Group and all of its associated operations.

Lateef Shahdad
Board Member

Lateef is General Manager of Mass International LLC, the exclusive distributors for Schindler Elevators and Escalators in Oman. He qualified as a Fellow & Chartered Marketer (FCIM) from Chartered Institute of Marketing UK. He is an Alumnus from IMD Lausanne, Switzerland holding a Masters in Business, and he is a Mechanical Engineer. He has diverse experience of business growth in multiple continents across the world.

Said Saif Al Maskery
Board Member

Said is Head of Business Development at TANMIA. His background education is Bsc. in Engineering from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman and an MBA from Strathclyde, UK. He is also currently researching family firms in Oman through a doctorate program from Warwick Business School.